The cost of services on land issues

In cases where the land is a lot of nuances and complexities, so the cost estimate without the analysis of documents Lishin sense.

Depending on the complexity of the case, we can offer our customers different options of work and payment:

  1. For standard cases - simple disputes, registration, privatization and the like - fixed price, determined before the start of the work and does not change until the end of the process.
  2. For complex and lengthy processes - divide the work into logical steps and count each step. Payment is required when running a particular step.
  3. For processes that require daily work, quick response to all events - monthly payment.
  4. For some processes we offer work with post-pay for actual results.

You can expect the following price level:

ServicesCost, RUB
Oral conversation over the phone, or online advice in the Internetfree
Oral advice2 000
Written consultation4 000
Consultation visiting6 000
Drafting a statement of claim or an objection to the petition on the land questionfrom 7 000
Preparation of appeal, cassation or Supervisory appeal14 000
Preparation of objections on appeal, cassation or Supervisory appealfrom 12 000
The attorney's requests and obtaining certificates3 000
Drafting of contracts and agreementsfrom 5 000
Drafting of statutes, regulations and other complex documentsfrom 9 000
Simple petitions, applications, complaints, and other simple documents2 500
One-time representation in court first or appellate instance on disputes related to land.12 000
One-time representation in the court of the cassation or Supervisory instance14 000
Support of transactions with landfrom 10 000
Earth registration in the propertyfrom 10 000
The privatization of land under the key15 000
Filing of applications, complaints, objections to the complaint in court.5 000

Consultation and valuation

The first consultation is free, always. From the first conversation, I will determine the prospects of the case and together we will select a convenient method of calculation.

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