The cost of services on housing issues

Depending on the complexity of the issue price of the work may change significantly. I always announce the final cost of work before entering into the agreement. In the process of working on your case the price does not change. When you work with me, completely eliminated hidden fees - everything is transparent.

Indicative prices for a wide range of housing issues:

Oral advice by telephone in the field of housing lawfree
Oral legal advice office in Moscow center (free Parking for customers)from 2000
Written consultation4000
Field consultation of the lawyer on housing Affairsfrom 6000
Drafting a statement of claim or an objection to the petitionfrom 7000
Composing queries and complaints in housing inspection14 000
Preparation of objections on appeal, cassation or Supervisory appealfrom 12 000
Attorney's requests to the state authorities, including in other citiesfrom 3000
Drafting of contracts and agreements, monitoring compliance with housing codefrom 5000
Extract from the apartments in courtfrom 10 000
Legal check of the apartmentfrom 5 000
The privatization of apartments under the key15 000
Making redevelopment apartmentfrom 10 000
Personal lawyer - housing and other legal problems15,000 / month

To know the exact price of your specific issue, schedule a free consultation:

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