The prices for the services of a criminal lawyer

In the field of criminal law is much less lawyers and services prices vary less than, for example, prices in civil cases. However, the complexity of cases and the cost of failure is much higher.

When choosing in the first place I recommend to pay attention to the price category above the average. But the most important is a practical experience of a criminal lawyer. The importance is not only the experience of the law, but experience in law enforcement or in court - these professionals know all the legal system through and through.

Price list for criminal cases

ServicesCost, RUB.
Initial consultation in a criminal caseFree
Written consultationfrom 5000
Departure to the court or the investigations, a one-time check in jail15 000
Legal support of a criminal case within one month of turnkey (cost includes all necessary activities and visits)60,000
Protection of the accused under articles of the criminal codefrom 30 000
Protection of the victim in a criminal casefrom 30 000
The conduct of a criminal case under the key100 000

The exact price after a consultation

If your loved one is in trouble and he was arrested in connection with a criminal case, schedule a free initial consultation. I will tell you what will be able to help you and will announce the cost of services.

Free advice will definitely be useful!

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