Prices for the services of a lawyer in civil cases

The cost of legal services in civil cases in Moscow is very very different. Often the same service, prices differ dozens of times. It connected with a huge number of lawyers of different suits, among which are many beginners, who graduated from the correspondence branches of an unknown Universities.

Objectively, the cost of services depends on the complexity of the case, and accordingly, time and resources - expert services, requests for documents, if required, travel and work with witnesses.

There is one General rule: the earlier the lawyer will undertake the work in a civil case, the more chances to win it, and the less the lawyer's fees and the cost of overheads. Tightened well and running things always cost more.

I don't just take the money, so always spend a preliminary consultation to understand what will be able to help the client. If you need a lawyer in a civil case, make an appointment for a free consultation:

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Choosing a civilian lawyer for the price

Suggest when choosing a lawyer to focus primarily on his knowledge and real actions in the civil courts. The price is the same, follow the usual principle: dismissing the cheapest and most expensive offers, and in the middle segment or above average choose the one that will solve your problem.

Price list for one-time legal services

ServiceCost, RUB.
Prior consultation by phoneFree
The written statement in a civil case in any directionfrom 5000
Consultation visitingfrom 6000
Attorney's requests or the documents, archives4000
Litigation in gradskom court turnkey20 000
Appealfrom 2000
Representation in the court of first instance or appellate courtfrom 10 000