Unreasonable demands over a land dispute

To me, as a lawyer Vladislav Liinu specializing in land disputes and has extensive litigation practice, turned on the recommendation of the old customers, a citizen of the "E" and said that he is the owner of the land and houses on the territory of new Moscow, which was received under the will in 2005 by his father, but now in Zyuzinsky court of Moscow has asked a distant relatives with claims to invalidate the regulation on provision of land in the property, application of consequences of invalidity of a void transaction of purchase and sale, the recognition of the right of common joint ownership of the land with the establishment of the share.

In the course of the trial, I as the lawyer representative of his client to the court and the plaintiff in the case explained in its objection that these claims are not based on the law, as citizens, to which came by inheritance the right of ownership of the house, is entitled to register the right of ownership of land under the house, the will was not challenged.

The representative plaintiff has not submitted convincing evidence of their claims, resulting in a fully renounced all their claims.

The representative plaintiff also explained the consequences of the rejection of the claim under article 221 GPK the Russian Federation, which in the case of adoption of refusal of the claim, the case is dismissed and re-the plaintiff for the same claim can not apply to this defendant.

Case No. 02-1501/2016 the judge of the Zyuzinsky district court of Moscow of 31 may 2016, was terminated.

To my readers I recommend to entrust the protection of their rights in the courts, experienced lawyers and attorneys, as the court's decision is very influenced by the proper form of protection in court. The court decides on the basis of the law and their inner conviction and the court must convince the judge in righteousness and to submit proper proof of your innocence.

Sincerely, lawyer Vladislav Lyzhin.

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