The termination of the case for unjust enrichment

In 2011, one famous landscape designer, the citizen "sh" asked the citizen "L", with a view to elevate your suburban plot with house.

Designer received from the citizen "L" funds in the sum about one million rubles for the provision of services, and instead wrote a receipt for cash.

According to the results of work performed at the site of the customer, the designer and the customer became best friends, well, no one was to sign the act of acceptance executed works.

After almost three years one of her friends, a citizen to "L" applied to the zelenogradskiy district court of Moscow on collecting from the designer of funds in the sum about one million rubles, citing unjust enrichment, giving to the court a receipt for funds and explaining that the commitments, designer is not fulfilled.

In December 2013, the Zelenograd district court of Moscow has satisfied the claim of the citizen "L" and default judgment ordered the designer cash in the amount of almost one million rubles.

About accepted judicial decision the designer has to know when we are employees of the bailiffs proceeded to enforcement of the court judgment.

The designer asked me for help. In Zelenograd district court in Moscow I have filed application to set aside default judgment and the court has accepted the case for retrial.

For evidence of the performance of its obligations as a designer in the witnesses (workers), as well as invoices and reports. However, the citizen "L" claimed that any work on the site designer was not carried out.

Then I stated about the construction of expertise in the area belonging to the citizen "L", with the purpose of definition of the works and their cost, proving the designer, witness photo report.

I also warned the citizen "L" and its representative that the cost of this examination is high and in case of confirmation of fulfillment of obligations by the designer, the cost of examination, in addition to court costs will be recovered from her and offered to withdraw the claim.

In the end, the citizen "L" recanted his claims about unjust enrichment to the designer, the citizen "sh" and Zelenograd district court in Moscow 13.10.2014 years in accordance with article 220 GPK of the Russian Federation has stopped manufacture on the case 2-2610/14 .

Sincerely, lawyer Vladislav Lyzhin!

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