The termination of criminal prosecution of employees of the Kurchatov Institute for fraud on a large scale

In the spring of 2018, I was approached by a citizen to protect him in a criminal case of fraud on part 3 of article 159 of the criminal code. A criminal case was opened on March 28, 2018.

The point

The investigation established that the group of managers and employees fgbi “national research centre “Kurchatov Institute”, with the direct intention and the mercenary purpose, aimed at stealing money center, using his official position, issued in the staff of the Center for citizen Ivanov, A. A. Ivanov Citizen were an employee at one of the highest paid positions from January 2010 to may 2017, but in fact no work was produced and the work place is visited. At the same time he accrued monthly salary and transferred to the account № (hidden) Sberbank of Russia. The money at its discretion dispose of the officers and Directors of that fictitiously took on the work of A. A. Ivanov

My work on the case

In the course of their investigation and evidence collection to protect its clients, I have collected witness statements. which confirmed that citizen Ivanov A. A. from 2010 to 2017 worked under an employment contract at the Kurchatov Institute and was directly subordinate to the head of Kabalina V. Cabalin used the results of the work of Ivanova in his research and reports including him as one of the performers.

According to documents in the personnel Department, it was found that for the whole period of work of Ivanov was dedicated workspace and dedicated telephone line.

I managed to find witnesses who confirmed that Ivanov has appeared regularly in the workplace, reporting on the work of and participating in important meetings.

A study of employment record and experience Ivanov to January 2010 showed that he had held a similar position in another organization, and therefore had the necessary knowledge to perform this work at the Institute part-time.

I pointed out that in accordance with article 49.1 of the labor code ban on work part time or remotely at home is not installed.

All the evidence was presented during the investigation.

The results from the

Senior investigator of the Fourth Department of internal Affairs, having examined the materials of the criminal case and me collected the evidence, decided to discontinue the prosecution of the case in connection with the innocence of the suspect to commit a crime.


Thanks to the timely appeal of the client, the case failed to stop at the earliest stages.

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