The resolution of a land dispute

Prior to the adoption of the Land code the owners were given plots on which there has been no surveying or cadastral records and parcel boundaries were defined by fences. And currently, not all land not held of the procedure of land surveying, or data procedures were carried out, but the cadastral engineers has submitted information in the state cadastre of real estate with errors.
One such error is the neighbors land plots in New Moscow went to court, since the beginning, finding the right establishing documents and cadastral passports and cadastral error in the description of the boundaries of land, the peace agreement was signed about establishment of borders of land plots, but one of the owners of the land, knowing that the value of land in the New Moscow in recent times it has risen, has decided to abandon a peaceful solution, to resolve the error committed by the cadastral engineer in establishing the boundaries of land and gave it to the Shcherbinsky district court of Moscow the claim on your neighbor putting that illegally seized from him 3 sq. m. of land area.
Citizen "X" first, without a good lawyer, or the lawyer for land disputes are also filed a lawsuit in the court of the agreement for establishment of disputed boundaries, however, this case is lost as on land disputes should be handled by experts – a good lawyer on land disputes or land lawyer. Everyone needs to do their job.
After the citizen "X" has lost one of land disputes with its neighbor, he decided to go to a specialist on land issues.
I, as a lawyer specializing in land disputes, civil cases in Shcherbinsky district court of Moscow the statement of claim my client's neighbor, citizen "X" has filed a counter-claim to invalidate the data describing the location of land boundaries of citizen X and his neighbor, who according to their requirements wanted to recognize his right of ownership on a land area of 3 sq. m., where stood the garage with my client.
In the framework of the dispute before the court was conducted surveying examination, it is proved that the description in 2013, the cadastral engineers was a mistake and our counter claim was satisfied, and the neighbour in his illegal demands were refused.
The decision in civil case No. 2-2294/01.12.2015 15 years, satisfying our claim requirements, the court also established the boundaries in the description of the disputed land.

Readers of this article ask if the existing land disputes immediately contact to a good lawyer or the lawyer for land disputes, because only experts can help you to resolve a land dispute.

Sincerely, the lawyer for land disputes Lyzhin Vladislav Mikhailovich.

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