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For the acquisition, possession of drugs in a significant amount of marijuana more than 6 grams of heroin, more than polugramma - criminal liability. Possible punishment – imprisonment up to three years or a fine up to 40 thousand rubles.

From, how well work the lawyer on drugs, will depend on the punishment. Skilled defender will find convincing arguments for the court by which the defendant will remain at large.

One example of a successful defense to the crimes of this category, is criminal case No. 1-307/17 considered by the Kuzminskiy district court of Moscow against citizen K.

At the beginning of 2017 with me, an agreement was signed to protect K., who was detained with drugs in a significant amount. The Trustees are charged with protecting me since I specializies in this area are the attorney for drugs.

The fact of the defendant of the crime were proven. The optimal result for the client was the minimum possible consequences in the form of penalties without deprivation of liberty. The most preferred punishment for the defendant was a fine. What the principal said at the conclusion of the agreement.

The Trustee was informed that the law in force in the defense of criminal cases promise a specific result, I can't. But, as an experienced drug lawyer, professional guarantee a high level of protection.

In the framework of protection in case No. 1-307/17 I have carried out comprehensive work towards a successful outcome:

  • studied the case materials.
  • recommendations on indications and behavior of the defendant during the investigation and in court.
  • collected evidence to show the positive aspects of the individual client.

Establishing optimal line of defense, I got a very mild punishment. Namely, the penalty of 30 thousand rubles, which is rarely the case in practice lawyers on drugs. Even if the conclusion about the possibility of appointment of punishment without isolation from society, judges to apply conditional punishment with a probation period of several years.

If the penalty conviction is repaid after one year of sentencing, any limitations of probation, the convicted does not apply.

After repayment of the fine, the conviction on a petition may be repaid ahead of schedule.

With Respect, counsel on drugs Vladislav Mikhailovich Lyzhin.

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