The lawyer won the case on the appointment of early retirement

I was approached by a citizen of the "L" with the problem that she was refused the appointment early insurance, old-age pensions. Solution GU-GU PFR n 8 denied a pension in connection with absence of necessary experience in the relevant types of work. The pension Fund has calculated the client experience on relevant types of jobs 29 years 10 months and 21 days.

Old-age pension shall be appointed before reaching the retirement age in the presence of the value of individual pension coefficient of not less than 30 persons, to carry out medical and other activity on health protection of the population in health care institutions for at least 25 years in rural and urban-type settlements and not more than 30 years in cities, rural areas and towns or cities, regardless of their age.

We prepared documents for filing a lawsuit and challenging the decision of the Agency.

I spent paperwork, made the necessary requests to the archive and all the places of work of your client. I found that the experience of the plaintiff on the relevant types of work not included some periods of work.

The rules provide that the periods of the work granting the right to early purpose of a labour old-age pension, which was performed constantly for the full working day, shall be counted in the length in calendar order, unless otherwise provided in these Rules and other regulatory legal acts.

The experience included periods for entitlement to state social insurance during temporary disability, as well as periods of annual basic and additional paid leave.

So I have installed that in the calculation of seniority was not taken into account the periods of care of the citizen "L" for two children. During this period, according to a certificate from date No. 24/CPU/OK-216, she really worked in the Federal public institution Central policlinic in the position of nurses.

Under these circumstances, the court concludes that in the calculation of the special experience of the plaintiff are to be included periods missed periods. The court also finds that the claim for the early appointment of insurance old-age pension.

Sincerely, lawyer Vladislav Lyzhin.

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