The lawyer on housing Affairs defended the interests of a bona fide purchaser of an apartment and was evicted illegally residing citizens

Housing cases with repeated transfer of ownership, a large number of stakeholders, some of the most complex in civil proceedings.
In such cases, legal assistance of an experienced lawyer for housing disputes is extremely important.

In the spring of 2018, to me, as a successful lawyer on housing Affairs has addressed g-n B.. To him with the claims addressed by the previous owner, purchased it 5 years ago apartment.
Their claims, the plaintiffs argued that they were misled, contracts of purchase and sale between the plaintiffs and C-coy A., between the AA and my client wore a feigned character, was illusory.
After reviewing the circumstances of the case and preparation of the statement of defence, I have drawn up a counter-claim from the defendant. Namely, recognition of the plaintiffs lost the right to use the apartment and eviction.
Except for the lawfulness of acquisition of the client of the apartment, my attention was drawn to the expiry of the limitation period in this case.
Representing the interests of B. in the course of judicial review, I argued their case by reference to the rules of civil law and civil procedure law, judicial practice of the Supreme court in cases of this kind.
Case materials, including expert opinions about the authenticity of the signatures on the contracts, the judge came to the conclusion about the absence of grounds for invalidation of transactions. Also, the judge agreed that the Statute of limitations is missed.
Counter requirements B. found lawful and justified. 22 may 2018 Butyrskaya court of Moscow, having considered the case No. 2-120/18, decided to evict the plaintiffs from the apartment of the client, and their lawsuit to leave unsatisfied.
When resolving intricate disputes of housing is extremely important high qualification of a lawyer in this category of cases. Trust representation on complex housing disputes only lawyers that have proven their skilled skills in such matters.

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