The lawyer on housing Affairs defended the interests of the owners of the apartment

The owner has the right at any time to terminate the contract of uncompensated use of housing, warning in a month the other side of the transaction.

In the summer of 2018, to me, the lawyer on housing disputes appealed gr-ka P. Informed her and other owners of two-bedroom apartment with an area of 76.5 square meters, with S. citizens, had signed contracts for gratuitous use of housing.
However, S. Actually the apartment is not lived, there was only was. A written notice of termination of the contract did not react, the register is not starred.
In such circumstances, to defend the rights of property owners is possible only through court. With years of successful experience in representation in housing cases, I have prepared in the interests of the principal claim.
The legality of the claim, I was reasonably content articles of the civil code of the Russian Federation regulating similar legal relations, norms regulating registration and deregistration.
As a representative of P. on the court, I confirmed the arguments stated in the claim, explaining that the defendants in family relations with the plaintiff do not consist of the total economy they do not have their things in the apartment is not. Any legal basis for tenure, the defendants no.
The judge found my argument reasonable and ruled in favor of our client.
04 July 2018 Zyuzinsky district court of the city of Moscow on case number 2735 defendants - gr-don S., was foreclosed two-bedroom apartment P.. This decision is an unconditional basis for removing them from the register.
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