The lawyer on family Affairs has made the recovery of funds for joint and several liability

A situation when the burden of payment of utility bills for the whole apartment carries one of the homeowners, and the other evaded the payment of the utilities for their share, not uncommon in the practice of lawyers in family disputes.

However, to recover not only utility bills paid for bad faith of the owner, but also other costs, the costs of the property which is in shared ownership.

In the beginning of 2014 to me as an attorney in family court, said the citizen with a request to help to recover from the ex-husband not only paid her half of the utility bills for the apartment, but half of the payments paid under the contract of mortgage.

Gr-ka G. acquired, as in marriage, in joint with my husband his own apartment under the contract of mortgage. The contract has been issued to her. Then the couple divorced, and the mortgage payments are paid only g-ka G. Ex-husband refused to share with C-coy G. credit obligations.

I have a lawyer in family court, to protect the interests of doveritelnyi was prepared a statement of claim in the Khimki city court of Moscow region. Along with the claim have been collected and sent to the court, the documents confirming payment of City mortgage and utility payments and other expenses.

In court, as a representative of the City, I, as the lawyer for family disputes, supported the claim, which was also a requirement of joint and several liability for repairs carried out at the expense of doveritelnyi.

31 Mar 2014 the Khimki city court agreed with my arguments, satisfy the requirements of g-Ki G, also recovered half of the amount paid G., payments under the insurance contract, payment of property tax, for the use of borrowed funds, the payment service representative – me – lawyer in family court.

Only in this case I was able to recover in favor of doveritelnyi more than 500 thousand rubles. Use the services of experienced attorneys in family court.

Sincerely, the lawyer on family Affairs Vladislav Lyzhin.

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