The lawyer on civil cases recovered large sum for the moral damage

Judicial practice moral damages are not is replete with examples satisfy the claims in this part for larger amounts. Rare lawyer in civil disputes has to its credit won cases for compensation for moral damages in the hundreds of thousands of rubles.

A few years ago to me, a civil rights attorney, for legal assistance to citizen Kh.

Next to the house where he lives, were building a house. The builders took the time to the date object. Worked nights, which prevented the settlor and members of his family to have a rest normally, affected health.

Talks with the construction company CJSC "315 UNR" on the cessation of work at night to no avail.

After contacting Department of natural resources and environmental protection of Moscow city, the company and its leaders were brought to administrative responsibility.

The results of measurements of noise from the construction site at night, it was revealed significant excess of its level by 8 dBA more acceptable.

After that, me, a civil litigator, had prepared the statement of claim about compensation of moral harm with JSC "315 UNR". The reason for the high degree of moral and physical suffering of the Trustee was attached to the claim: measurements of noise levels, information about the negative impact of noise on the health of H. and his family members.

The Krasnogorsk city court agreed with my assertion that the plaintiff was caused by significant moral and physical suffering. The decision of the court with JSC "315 UNR" in favor of our client recovered a few hundred thousand.

Remember about the right to monetary compensation for moral suffering.

Trust the conduct of their Affairs according to moral damages, a lawyer for civil cases with a large and successful practice.

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