The lawyer on civil cases recovered from the management company, the damage from the Gulf of apartments

When Bay apartments can sometimes be the fault of the management company applies the act on the protection of the rights of consumers, and the amount of compensation for damage is greatly increased.

In the summer of 2016 to me - the lawyer in civil cases, with the request to help to recover damages, appealed to the citizen of the.. the leak in the basement of the house in her apartment was damaged floors, walls, interior doors. Answer to a claim for damages from the management company was not followed.

I have prepared a claim for recovery from the management company of the city of Moscow GBU "zhilischnik Golovinskiy district":

  • material and moral damages.
  • the penalty for failure to voluntarily compensate for the damage caused.
  • court costs, costs representative.

The representative of the defendant objected to the stated requirements. Argued that the fault of the management company in the leak, because digging provide quality services at home.

In this case the defendant tried to shift the blame for the damage to the plaintiff, stating that S. was not in the apartment and not lived there. So she did not take timely measures to eliminate the causes of Gulf housing.

As an experienced civil litigator, I convinced the court that the blame for the leak in the basement lies solely in the management company. They have access to the technical room and are required to keep intact as community property.

During a lengthy trial carried out construction and technical expertise, the conclusions of which confirmed the high cost of repair of apartments With..

Me - a lawyer in civil cases in this category were justified compensation for moral harm to doveritelnyi. From the incident due to the failure of the defendant to indemnify, Pp. worried, seek medical help. The actions of the defendant caused her moral suffering.

25 may 2017 Golovinskiy district court of Moscow, having considered the civil case No. 02-0232/2017, claims granted: recovered from GBU "zhilischnik Golovinskiy district" compensation for material and moral harm, the penalty in favor of the plaintiff, the expenses of the representative, the costs of litigation. Just over half a million rubles.

Want to achieve maximum compensation from management companies - involve the conduct of Affairs against them are experienced attorneys in civil cases.

Respectfully, the lawyer of the Moscow Vladislav Mikhailovich Lyzhin.

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