The lawyer on civil cases has helped to return the money erroneously to a different card number

Many use modern Internet technologies for money transfer. Sberbank online, mobile Bank is a convenient application for immediate money transfer from one card to another.

But what if the money on the card erroneously transferred not to those who they were intended? As you know, the Bank of such operations does not change, no refunds.

In such cases, you need to go to court. The lawyer on civil cases will help to make legally proper claim for return of unjust enrichment.

In the spring of 2017 to me, the lawyer on civil cases, said the citizen sh., which in July 2016 and February 2017 mistakenly transferred on the card of Sberbank unknown citizen So about 120 thousand rubles. The error was caused by a third party. The map of citizen T. was opened in the savings Bank Department of the Chechen Republic.

I have drawn up the corresponding statement. As a civil litigator, I explained to doveritelnyi the procedure for submitting a claim and an opportunity to consider case without its participation. Prepared the claim was sent to the district court of the Chechen Republic.

04 Jul 2017 Shatoi district court of the Chechen Republic, without the participation of the plaintiff and his representative has satisfied in full the claim. Recovered from the defendant: the amount of unjust enrichment, costs and expenses in the form of state duties, expenses of the Trustee for payment of my legal aid.

The law allows the plaintiff not to participate in judicial review of such cases, forward the documents to the court by mail, and in the future and in electronic form.

If you need to file a claim, you want to proceedings before the court have passed without your participation, contact an experienced lawyer in civil cases. The cost of a lawyer will compensate the losing party.

Respectfully, the lawyer of the Moscow Vladislav Mikhailovich Lyzhin.

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