The lawyer on civil cases exacts a debt on an oral contract of sale

There are cases when citizens sell their property by payment in installments. It is not always in writing a contract of sale and the conditions of its implementation.

In such cases, to recover debts is not easy. Only an experienced civil rights attorney can provide effective assistance in such a difficult situation.

With a request of this nature I was approached by a citizen.. in the Fall of 2016, she sold expensive cell phone g-well H.. Writing terms of payment was not. There was only a verbal agreement that H will repay the value passed to it of the phone in monthly payments for 6-7 thousand rubles.

However, their promises are not kept H, any payments N. for a long time not made. Appeal N. the police did not bring the expected result, as the actions of the citizen H. part of the crime under article 159 of the criminal code – fraud, provided he was not.

The situation was complicated by the fact that the citizen Charles lived in the Chechen Republic, to participate in court proceedings at the place of residence of the defendants in N. was not.

Me – a lawyer in civil cases, has accumulated rich experience of successful protection of interests of citizens in cases of recovery of debts. Including in cases similar to the case N.

After reviewing the circumstances of the case, I made a competent reasoned statement, accompanied by a receipt confirming the cost of the phone – 56890 rubles. The claim application was sent to the district court of the Chechen Republic.
At the same time, I explained to doveritelnyi that to protect its interests without trips to the Chechen Republic. For this case, the claim must be made perfectly legally competent and reasonable. The cost of legal aid in this case will be recovered from the defendant.
11 July 2017, the decision of the Shatoi district court of the Chechen Republic, in the case 2-271/17, claim N. was fully satisfied. Were recovered from the defendant:
• the value passed to it phone – 56890 rubles
• stamp duty – 1907 rubles
• payment of my services for the preparation of the statement of claim – 15,000 rubles.
What would be hopeless, at first glance, not appear the situation, be sure to use the help of experienced counsel in civil cases. My successful practice in this category of cases is the key to high quality legal assistance.

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