The lawyer on civil cases defended the interests of the principal in the ownership of the Parking space

Many real estate investors of real estate are faced with situations where a third-party reasons, are unable to properly execute the right of ownership. This may prevent, for example, no act of implementation of the investment contract.
In such a situation to defend their rights is possible only in a judicial order, using the services of an experienced attorney in civil cases.

In the summer of 2017 me for legal assistance to citizen of the City who did not register the right of ownership available in its use of space.
The principal, as the sole heir inherited the property of a deceased close relative. Among other things he bought and cars, whose value of the testator is fully paid. However, cars were not registered.
In the course of providing legal assistance to the principal me – a lawyer in civil cases has prepared a statement in order for legal proceedings to JSC "PIK Group" for recognition of citizen right of ownership on used cars.
As a justification, I pointed out that the dwelling house and garages are already built, they are maintained, payment is made in full.
The requirements I have been justified by references to specific provisions of the laws. Namely, "On investment activities in RF, implemented in the form of capital investments", "On state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it", the civil code.
The judge came to the same conclusions, namely that the customer is obliged to implement the investment contract, and its absence prevents the full realization of the plaintiff's rights of ownership.
14 September 2017 Cheremushkinskiy district court of Moscow, after consideration of case no 2-4907/17, the claim of the principal for OJSC "PIK Group of Companies" satisfied, recognized the plaintiff's ownership right on certain cars. As the defendant was charged with a state duty, and expenses of the Trustee for payment of my services.
Me – a lawyer in civil cases gained successful experience in defending the interests of the clients in the infringement of their rights by the developers, which guarantees a highly qualified legal assistance in this area.

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