The lawyer on civil cases defended the rights of defrauded shareholders

Violation of the rights of participants of share building of apartment houses phenomenon, alas, common. Failure by developers the commitment being made is massive.

Not complied with the terms of the construction of houses, the timing of their commissioning, the timing of the transfer of apartments to shareholders.

In the spring of 2015 for me, civil litigator, specializing in disputes with developers, asked the citizen sh.

Previously it had with "Arvid" was signed the contract on participation in share building of apartment houses. Under this agreement, sh paid for the cost of the apartment, and OOO "Arvid" was not later than 9 months after the permission to house input in operation, to transfer the apartment by the act of the shareholder.

Doveritelnyi their payment obligations performed in full, and the developer transfer of the flat to the property sh. was detained, despite the expiration of the specified contract period.

I, as an experienced civil litigator, has many years of successful experience protecting the rights of shareholders. I was drafted and sent to court the statement of claim from sh for recognition of her ownership of the apartment.

In the course of the trial, representing the interests of sh, I justified the legitimacy of its claims, presented evidence of the fulfillment of its obligations under the contract, default by the defendant.

19 may 2015 Lyuberetskiy town court of the Moscow region considered civil case №2-5049/15, the claim of the citizen sh. granted, acknowledged her right of ownership of the apartment. The court's decision was the basis for registration of ownership rights to a specific apartment in a newly built house.

Disputes with developers of apartment buildings have their own characteristics. Fast and efficient legal assistance in these matters may have only experienced attorneys in civil cases. No matter how complex the situation was - contact. Qualified lawyer will find the most appropriate solutions.

Respectfully, the lawyer of Moscow to protect the rights of shareholders Vladislav Mikhailovich Lyzhin.

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