The lawyer of the victim forced the investigators to work

Protection of the rights of victims of crime - duty of investigators and prosecutors. They should take appropriate measures to identify the perpetrators of criminals, the damage from crimes.

But not always, law enforcement officers are properly doing their job. Sometimes due to incompetence, sometimes of bad faith.

Is that just punishment of the offender and reparation to the victim - not the merit of the investigators, and the result of high professionalism and perseverance of the lawyer, the representative of the victim.

In the fall of 2015 to me, as an experienced lawyer in criminal cases, legal aid was contacted by a citizen P.. he was severely beaten, was hospitalized, removed the spleen. However, the investigators do not hurry with bringing the guilty to justice, despite the fact that he was known.

The case was complicated by the fact that eyewitnesses to crimes were only interested person: friends of the accused, his mother and her former roommate. They testified on behalf of the accused, denied his guilt.

The accused, his legal representative, the lawyer, defended the theory that injury to internal organs of the victim - the result of his falling, and not the actions of a citizen M..

The investigation lasted over a year and a half. During this time I, the lawyer of the victim, was produced and directed more than 40 complaints about the inaction of the investigators, their illegal decision about the termination and suspension of the case.

Only my persistence, and the desire of the principal to get justice, opened a criminal case from a dead point. Was appointed repeated Commission is judicial-medical examination. Their findings confirmed the testimony of the victim that the rupture of the spleen occurred as a result of kicks citizen. M., and that from falling victim the trauma of this nature is not possible.

In the end, I made by the investigators of the lawful decision. The criminal case against citizen M., on the fact of causing them grievous bodily harm to my client, in the 111th article of the criminal code, it was with the indictment is directed to court.

10 July 2017 sentence of Solnechnogorsky city court of Moscow region M. citizen convicted under part 1 of article 111 of the criminal code. Our claims about compensation of moral harm in the amount of 500 thousand rubles and expenses of the Trustee for the payment of my work - 150 thousand rubles, substantiated and satisfied in full.

Remember that the right to counsel is not only of the accused but also the victim. Use of this right. Especially in cases when talking about damages, compensation for moral damage. An experienced victim's lawyer will seek a fair and most favorable result.

With respect, a criminal lawyer Vladislav Mikhailovich Lyzhin.

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