The lawyer for the protection of the rights of the owners defended the client's interests in a dispute with the authorized dealer

In cases where the operation of the vehicle revealed significant deficiencies, and the seller to take the time to satisfy your legal requirements, invite a lawyer to protect the rights of car owners.

The probability of a positive result will be much higher, if the dialogue with the official dealer on your side is an experienced avtoyurist.

In 2015, through the forum SYCLUB.RU to me, as an experienced lawyer to protect the rights of owners, have applied for legal aid citizen L.

In 2011 he purchased from an official dealer of JSC "Favorit technology" car "SSANG YONG ACTYON". During the operation of the vehicle often broke down. Official dealer performed a warranty repair, but after a short time car failures again occurred.

L. filed a claim of OOO "Favorit technology", demanding the replacement of the vehicle with significant drawbacks. However, instead of answering, the seller is handing out empty promises.

Taking advantage of accumulated experience in protecting the rights of consumers, I made a reasoned, legally correct claim on termination of the contract of sale of the car.

I have a lawyer to protect the rights of owners on behalf of the client, with the vendors were negotiated. They took place in several stages.

On the negotiations, I explained to the representatives of JSC "Favorit technology" about the financial consequences for them in the case of my client in court. In particular, significant amounts of penalty and fine, with which they can recover for failure to meet the claims of the consumer on a voluntary basis.

My arguments have been heard, the requirements of the principal are satisfied. The contract of purchase and sale from 2011 was terminated. OOO "Favorit technology" took away the faulty vehicle, returning L. money in the sum over one million roubles.

Reinforce its position in disputes of this kind, the documents confirming the facts of repairing your vehicle. Upon delivery of cars for repair require responsible persons of the official dealer of acts of acceptance of transfer of the car to repair. To write such an act and give you a copy they have to.

Sincerely, advocate for the protection of the rights of the owners Vladislav Lyzhin.

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