The lawyer for land disputes addresses cadastral error

Incorrect information in the cadastral register citizens find, as a rule, at registration of transactions belonging to them land.

The procedure of correcting such errors is quite complicated. Only an experienced lawyer on land disputes will help you out in a confusing situation with a long history.

In this regard, the history of the citizen Part: case No. 2-303/15 and No. 2-1590/15 reviewed the Stupinsky municipal court of the Moscow region.

Doveritelnyi came to me for help in 2014, after the discovery of incorrect information in the cadastral passport at registration of the contract of donation.

It turned out that the land in the property it received in 2002, as a member of the horticultural non-commercial partnership. Four years later, SNT conducted a survey of lands and land parcels of all members of the partnership. Then obmazyvanija have been made in the cadastral register.

To understand this difficult situation was invited by a qualified technician cadastral engineer. He found numerous errors in the survey in 2006. Namely, the discrepancy between the location, the square geometry of the land plot of doveritelnyi, adjacent parcels with the cadastral data.

The most significant importance was the fact that the actual square footage of doveritelnyi was two times more documentary evidence. In such circumstances, to change the boundaries of the site, correct inventory data, non-judicial procedure was not possible.


Based on the findings of the expert, in the interests of H, me were prepared and supported in court the claim about establishment of borders of land plot in its actual use, and also about correcting cadastral errors.

On my initiative, the initiative of the lawyer for land disputes, was conducted surveying examination, the results of which form the basis of court decisions in favor of H

Collected my evidence was so convincing that none of the defendants nor garden Association, nor the owners of other land parcels were not to challenge them, agreeing with a court decision.

In the result the boundaries of the land H was set according to its actual use, erroneous data entered in the cadastral registry in 2006, recognized by the court as inconsistent with reality.

Sincerely, attorney on land issues Vladislav Lyzhin.

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