The criminal lawyer has achieved the termination of criminal proceedings against a suspect in the 111th criminal code

Criminal procedural legislation guarantees the right of every suspect in a crime to qualified legal assistance including free.

However, there are cases when unscrupulous investigators suspect actually impose the so-called counsel. Including citizens is able to enter into the agreement and to pay services of the chosen lawyer. Thus striving to facilitate his work, to achieve the desired initial testimony, the investigators violate the right to choice of counsel, i.e., the right to protection.

In the summer of 2018 to me, as an experienced criminal defense lawyer for legal assistance gr-is not, and So They explained that their family member for about a year suspected of a crime according to the 111-th of the criminal code – causing of heavy harm to health, and the attorney for the appointment of qualified, effective help has not.

The investigator told them to hire a lawyer and pay him no need because he (the investigator) provided the suspect a free lawyer.

By familiarizing yourself with the materials of the criminal case I was convinced of the innocence of my client to commit a crime. I, as a criminal lawyer, there are skills the successful defense of suspects accused of serious crimes, including 111th criminal code.

I have prepared a petition for termination of criminal prosecution g-H. the petition was justified, the innocence of my client to the Commission of the specified crime.

In particular, my attention was drawn to the fact that the initial testimony of suspect X. this was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, when he didn't report what he says. What these readings do not correspond to conclusions it is judicial-medical examination.

Moreover, the victim himself, did not point to x. as in the face causing him injuries. And later testified that he was subjected to beating not my client, but by another person.

By results of consideration of the petition of the investigator OMVD Northern Tushino, Moscow agreed with my arguments and made a ruling on termination of criminal prosecution g-H. on the basis of item 1 part 1 article 27 UPK the Russian Federation, in connection with his participation in the Commission of a crime.

If You or Your loved one, suspect, or accused of committing a crime, especially serious, don't settle for the services of a lawyer provided by the investigator. Be sure to use their right to choose a lawyer in criminal cases, have achieved success in the protection from criminal prosecution.

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