The cancellation of the arrest of a Polish citizen in a criminal case

On the objection of counsel Lygina investigator's petition to extend the detention of the citizen of Poland was rejected by the court and the arrest was canceled due to red tape in the case and the ineffective investigation.

The point

My client, a Polish citizen, was charged with multiple charges under article 159 of the criminal code. During the investigation he was taken into custody in connection with what is a citizen of another state, and can hide from law enforcement.

The investigators again requested the extension of the detention period.

The work of a lawyer

My colleagues and I have collected the necessary documents, confirming that the Polish citizen lawfully resident in the territory of Russia, has a wife and minor child - citizens of the Russian Federation.

Counsel pointed the court to the fact that for a long time the investigation has not conducted any investigation, except for renewal of detention. Specified in the petition of the investigative actions to be undertaken, could be undertaken early.

The lawyer indicated that the investigation is not conducted, and the defendant is in custody without valid reason.


The court decided to reject the consequences of the petition and release from custody my client, a citizen of Poland due to the fact that the investigation is ineffective and delayed. The court agreed with the arguments of counsel that there is no legitimate reason for extending the period of detention of my client.

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