Termination of the contract of building a house

I have already repeatedly published decisions of the courts about the termination of construction contracts in connection with the improper execution of the commitments made by the developer. It happened again with one of my clients, without delving into the conditions of the construction contract, signed a contract without a start date and the completion of the house. He, like a good customer, paid cash, under the terms of the contract, and the developer has partially completed the terms of the agreement, setting the Foundation, and has suspended the further performance of the contract.

The address of the company "arkhitekton" repeatedly sent complaints but there were only promises of further construction of the house.
There was only one option – to file a claim in court.

The decision of Kuntsevsky district court of Moscow 2-4255/16 of the points of the contract were declared invalid, as it violated the rights of the consumer. Also of the defendant company "arkhitekton" was exacted funds in connection with the termination of contract, fines, penalties, and court costs lawyer.

Be careful with the choice of construction company and carefully study the contract before signing.

Sincerely, lawyer Vladislav Lyzhin.

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