Termination of construction contract

Currently on the market of rendering of services in interior design and manufacturing operations in residential areas there are many companies, but not all of them perform its obligations in full.

I was approached for legal assistance citizen "To", as it signed two contracts for the provision of services on interior design and production of repair work in residential premises in two buildings.

Contracts construction company had to perform repairs to two dwellings located at the address: Moscow region, Domodedovo, the village "Red", in accordance with the preliminary estimates and specifications of work and the original terms to deliver the project to the customer in a condition fully ready for use.

The principal payment was made under the contracts in full, about two million rubles, but the construction company, after completing 50% of the total amount of work, refused to fulfill their obligations, and requested an additional surcharges of about one million rubles.

In the original terms specified in the contracts for the construction company LLC "PSK MIG-M" the obligation to hand over objects to the customer in a condition fully ready for use are not complied with.

I have filed a claim in the Preobrazhensky district court of Moscow about cancellation of contract, recovery of funds and penalties provided by the Law "On protection of consumer rights".

The court upheld our claim in full and collected from the defendant, OOO "PSK MIG-M" funds in the amount of about 4 (Four) million.

I wish the readers to more carefully choose the construction company in the market of rendering services there are many construction companies providing for payment for their services, after performing the obligations or provided for phased payments.

Sincerely, lawyer Vladislav Lyzhin.

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