Return of a defective car to the seller

Citizen "P" came to me for advice, because he needed help on the legal protection dispute with the official dealer of famous car brands in connection with warranty repairs of the vehicle.

As you know, official dealers of "Sellers" of expensive cars at the treatment of citizens in connection with a warranty repair of the main units of the car recognize repair not warranty, for example, in connection with the use of low-quality fuel, as the repair costly.

I, along with the citizen P went to the car wash authorized dealer, where the service center representatives concluded that the car engine failed through the fault of the citizen "P" in connection with the use of substandard fuel, and engine repair will be made at the expense of the citizen "P".

I have filed a petition for recognition of warranty repair and manufacture of engine repair through an authorized dealer, so during Troubleshooting of the engine and the fuel selection of the car was broken technological process.

In the result this petition is an Official dealer acknowledged the engine repair warranty.

After a warranty engine repair citizen P would go on to use his two-year-old car, but the official dealer within the established deadlines in the Law on the protection of the rights of consumers 45 days have not repaired the vehicle.

As a result, with my help, citizen "P" is first received from the official dealer of famous car brands a penalty of a Hundred thousand rubles for violation of terms of repair of the car, and in consequence, by definition, the Gagarinsky district court of Moscow from 07 Aug 2013 and the cost of a new similar car.

Returning to the seller your old car and receiving cash, more than one million roubles the citizen "P" bought a new car the other well-known brands.

According to my court practice there are no ideal vehicles, in a similar situation and get premium vehicles of the Troika and other Syngenta automotive industry. According to the Law on protection of consumer rights is almost always possible to protect the rights of consumers, but on the condition that all actions by the consumer in the pretrial order, will be legally proper.

Sincerely, lawyer Vladislav Lyzhin.

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