Recovery with Technology

After reading on the Internet is about building quickly and efficiently the wooden house company Technology, my principal has entered into a construction contract for the construction on his plot in the Moscow region garden houses from timber.

The long-awaited garden house company Technology was, as stated in the advertisement, built quickly, but not qualitatively.
My client, a citizen of the "f" repeatedly appealed to the leadership of the company's Technology claims to correct deficiencies in the constructed garden house worth over one million rubles.

Representatives of the company Technology only promised to remove defects, but the promises remained promises.
Having exhausted all their strength to seek justice, the citizen "f" appealed to me as a lawyer in civil cases to protect the rights of consumers.

On the basis of the construction-technical statement, according to which the performed construction and installation works company LLC "GK "Technology" does not meet the requirements of construction norms and rules, biological deterioration of wood (fungal lesions) are a potential hazard to the human body, and also affect the bearing capacity of the structure of the house, causes of defect is the low qualification of workers, the violation of the production technology of works, and the requirements of the building regulations, low quality material, lack of project documentation and quality certificates for the supplied material Ramenskoye town court of the Moscow region 05 Nov 2015 in civil case No. 2-6269/15 issued a decision on termination of a construction contract, concluded between OOO "GK "Technology" and the citizen "f" and sought from construction companies Technology funds paid under the contract, liquidated damages, moral damages, costs of expertise, the services of a lawyer and under the law on protection of consumer rights the penalty for failure in the pretrial order to meet the legitimate demands of the citizen "f".

Also according to the decision, the court ordered the construction company, at its expense, to dismantle the poor garden house.
Readers of this article I want to give advice: if you have doubts about the quality of construction of your property do not be silent, it is necessary at the stage of construction of the house to formally specify the developer comments, with the involvement of expert institutions and of course you need a lawyer in civil cases, the lawyer on protection of the rights of consumers.

Sincerely, the lawyer on civil cases, cases on consumer protection Lyzhin Vladislav Mikhailovich.

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