Recovery from the dental clinic

Health is the most important component of every person. It is quite natural that each of us wants a healthy life and tries to do everything possible for that.

As you know, dental services are nowadays

one of the most expensive and contentious types of medical services. The amount for the services rendered range from four to seven, but, however, it does not always guarantee we have the result.

That's just one of the cases that occurred in Moscow, with the usual resident of the capital, the citizen "Z".

Everyone always sees, whether on the street or at home, all kinds of colorful posters, signs and commercials that tell us about the highly skilled provision of those services, good relation to the us about doctors that are exclusively in these clinics and such experts are not present, and, of course, about the incredible discounts on services. We believe these posters and hope for honesty and integrity clinics and go to the advertised time of them. Such, and became the citizen "Z". Believing in the sensational advertising is pretty one of the largest networks of dental clinics, she decided to consult the experts of this clinic. I came to the clinic, Mrs. Z met with the warm welcome that she was examined by a specialists, an estimate for treatment and the contract for the provision of services under this contract the citizen "Z" was paid cash in the amount of 200 000 rubles. Agree, money is not small, but that does not make for the sake of your health, especially when good and honest doctors I assure You my professionalism. The citizen "Z" in the beginning of treatment. It all started with the fact that the clinic with enviable regularity began to change doctors one after the other. The citizen "Z" of course didn't like it, but the contract is and the money is deposited in cash, nothing can be done, it is necessary to continue the treatment. You know, when the doctor is constantly changing, it is not only inconvenient in terms of moral, but also the doctor himself did not yet know his patient. And since all the doctors and their opinions differ, to finish the job the previous doctor also does not always work out, as they say "horses in the pen right do not change". With another change of doctor to the patient presented other problems. After conducting one of the operations, she developed severe bleeding, and instead of trying to calm the frightened patient, the bleeding, and call on HER request for an ambulance, the clinic staff stopped the bleeding and soon took the patient home. The house of the citizen "Z" again had severe bleeding, she fainted, fell and caused injuries. Naturally the next step to our exhausted patient was call the ambulance. The citizen "Z" was hospitalized in GKB №36, Moscow, where he was treated during the week.

Imagine, You will pay 200 000 a clinic that sent You to the hospital, not cured, but rather, making You for Your money even worse.

After discharge, exhausted the citizen "Z" was decided to restore justice and appealed to me the Lawyer of the Moscow bar Association "Bastion". I have had extensive legal advice on all issues, sent a letter of claim to the dental clinic, the complaint in Rospotrebnadzor, Prosecutor's office, the Department of health.

Dental clinic, the deadline set by the Law on the protection of the rights of consumers, according to letters and statements of the lawyer refused to pay compensation for moral damage and the return of the citizen "S" funds. Then I, being a bona fide lawyer, and always shall communicate the matter to an end, and the citizen "Z" decide to go to court. Only then, having learned about intention to go to court dental clinic has transferred the money the patient paid for under the contract. The citizen "Z" was satisfied, but I still insisted on going to court with the claim, as the requirements were not fully satisfied, and violation of legal deadlines.

The lawsuit was filed in the Meshchansky district court of Moscow. The statement of claim was accompanied by all the evidence in the case, the trial lasted 3 months, after which the claims were satisfied. The judgement from 24.06.204 year in the case of No. 2-7279/14 in favor of the citizen "Z" with dentistry was charged penalty for violation of terms of satisfaction of customer requirements, compensation for moral damage, costs and expenses, including the services of a lawyer (article 100 code of civil procedure of the Russian Federation), as well as a fine from the dental clinic in favor of the citizen "Z" in the amount of 50% of the amount recovered on the basis of paragraph 6 of article 13 of the law "On protection of consumer rights".

Subsequently, the citizen "Z" was applied to another clinic that provided her expert assistance, and addressed to received words of gratitude - a good lawyer, and was very pleased to receive words of gratitude.
Citizens, defend their rights and stay healthy!

Sincerely, Your lawyer Vladislav Lyzhin.

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