Recovery from Mail of Russia

Many citizens of Russia were faced with a situation when the part of FSUE "Mail of Russia" has violated the rights of consumers, as the services are of poor quality. Not every citizen seeking protection of their rights in court, therefore "Mail of Russia" feels permissiveness.

So a citizen "D" through FGUP "Mail of Russia" by paying for the service 530 rubles, sent a parcel with a gift for his birthday for his son, who lives in another city. Upon delivery it was found that mail was missing the gift. National "D" appealed to the leadership of FSUE "Mail of Russia" to explain the incident and paid 530 rubles, paid for the service. The benefit of law enforcement found the stolen phone at one of radio city and returned it to the birthday boy, however, to establish a "dishonest" employee FGUP "Mail of Russia" commits the offense failed.
The leadership of "Mail of Russia", having considered the claim of a citizen "D", did not take measures to settle this issue and also ignored the Federal law No. 176 "On postal communication", in accordance with article 38 which the compensation of harm caused in carrying out activities in the field of postal communication, is voluntary.

I'm like a lawyer with expertise on the recovery of funds from the Federal state unitary enterprise "Mail of Russia" has prepared and filed a statement of claim in court.
The decision of the magistrate court plot of area Chertanovo Northern Moscow on 09.09.2013 years in case No. 2-194/13 in favor of the citizen "D" collected from FGUP "Mail of Russia": the service cost 530 rubles, the penalty is 530 rubles, compensation for moral damages of 10,000 rubles and a fine 5530 rubles, just 16590 roubles, and also a lawyer "" roubles.

I would like to mention that the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Mail of Russia" in the course of judicial proceedings has repeatedly duly informs about the date and time of court sessions, but was not, delayed the process, thereby FGUP "MAIL of RUSSIA" for its actions and inactions not only violates the rights of citizens, does not comply with Federal laws, but does not respect the judicial system of the Russian Federation.

Sincerely, lawyer Vladislav Lyzhin.

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