Protection of the interests of the victim in the administrative battery

In February 2019, I was approached by a citizen Abrosimov Vladimir (name changed in order to respect attorney-client privilege). He was injured in an administrative case , he was beaten by an employee of the Federal bailiff service of Russia in Moscow.

My client feared that during the court trial, his rights may be violated, and the guilty will escape responsibility.

I acted as a representative of the victim during the trial. Involvement of the client is not required.

I spent the necessary preparations: explained to the victim how to register a beating, submit a statement to the police, to control the accuracy of eyewitness testimony.

On the court, I expressed the position of the victim and gave all the evidence.

The court fully agreed with our arguments and deemed the employee of the Department guilty of an administrative violation. The punishment was imposed an administrative fine.

The case was won without the participation of the client, I always try to take care of their customers.

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