Penalty in connection with the termination of the contract

Citizen "L" has concluded the contract with LLC "OKNOGRAD" for manufacturing window and door units, the payment of 500,000 rubles. Upon receipt of the order without checking the quality of the products, it signed the act of transfer and acceptance, but later, when installing window and door units, identified significant drawbacks.

Not knowing how to legally recover his money the citizen "L" appealed to me.

In the pretrial order, I turned to "OKNOGRAD" with the claim about cancellation of the contract and the refund will be 470,000 rubles.
OOO "OKNOGRAD" dismissed the claim, citing section 3 of article 720 of the civil code "the customer has accepted the work without checking loses the right to rely on the flaws that could be fixed in the ordinary way of its acceptance".

In connection with the denial I went to court with a claim for the recovery of funds, in connection with the refusal to perform the contract and the recovery of legal costs.

25.09.2013 year the Kuzminsky district court of Moscow in the civil case No. 2-1091/13 the decision was made to terminate the contract and recover from OOO "OKNOGRAD" in favor of the citizen "L" of One million rubles including court costs and penalty for refusal voluntary to satisfy the plaintiff's claims.

With Respect to the lawyer Vladislav Lyzhin.

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