Not helped by the notary, will help the lawyer in probate cases

Sometimes people do not make out inherited property. For example, continue to live in a private house after the death of loved ones, not caring about the design of property rights.

Because of this, the succeeding heirs would be a problem with the design of the inherited estate. The notary shall refuse to issue a certificate of entry in the inheritance, due to the lack of registered rights on real estate of the testator.

In my practice attorney in inheritance more than once encountered such incidents. A similar problem faced citizen H In 2016, joining the right of inheritance in land, she could not receive the inheritance of the house, located in this area.

The reason for the refusal of the notary in probate was the fact that the deceased husband did not register the ownership of the house, inherited in 1993.

Not finding the solution to your problem at the notary, H sought legal advice to me as to the lawyer inheritance disputes.

Under the agreement for the provision of legal services of doveritelnyi I carried out the following work:

  • collection of documents, including queries to the archive, confirming the right of ownership of a spouse Part of the house.
  • preparation of statements of claim in interests of doveritelnyi, for recognition of her ownership of the house, in the order of succession.
  • collected evidence together with a claim directed to Odintsovo city court of Moscow region.

03 Oct 2016 Odintsovo court has rendered a decision in civil case No. 2-9319/16. This decision, the claim H is satisfied. She recognized the owner of the residential house of the deceased spouse by inheritance by law.

Sincerely, attorney probate Vladislav Lyzhin.

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