Lawyer in administrative cases recovered the costs of their services

The difficulty is that the code,unlike the code, does not contain provisions providing for such a possibility. Namely, reimbursement of costs for legal assistance to the victim.
However, the civil code, there are standards based on which, you can recover from the offender the cost of paying victims attorney.

October 31, 2016 I, Vladislav Lyzhin, as a lawyer in an administrative case, was gr-well B., suffered as a result of ADM.offences under part 2 of article 12.27 KoAP of the Russian Federation. The judge of the kuntsevskiy district court found the citizen D. guilty under the article of the administrative code.
Subsequently, I have prepared the statement of claim about collecting from the offender. D. the costs associated with paying doveritelnyi legal services. This claim I have included the requirement to recover from D. the costs of the plaintiff on the payment related to the preparation of the claim.
In particular, I referred to the provisions of article 15 of the civil code, namely the law on compensation of losses resulting in the restoration of violated rights. In support I cited part 1 of article 1064 of the civil code that the person causing the harm, has an obligation to compensate.
Frunzensky district court of St. Petersburg agreed with me. In the decision the judge stated that article 15 of the civil code apply to cases of refund to the representative in an administrative case.
13 June 2017, having considered the case №2-3015/2017, judge Frunze district court of St. Petersburg, the decision sought from the defendant damages in the case of 31.10.2016 year and the cost of current business. Totaling about 45 thousand rubles.
I have extensive and successful experience in defending the interests of the participants of the administrative violations from the different parties. As for the protection of offenders, and in the representation of victims from them.
If you have suffered from an administrative offense, contact an experienced lawyer in these matters. Your costs will be recovered from the offender.

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