Lawyer for housing dispute won the case about eviction from the apartment

Evicted from apartments of the people living in it in violation of the housing legislation, but was always difficult. Lawyers for housing know how difficult it is to achieve this. Especially when deportees do not have another residence.

In the spring of 2014 to me as counsel in housing cases, for legal assistance to citizen D.. He could not be evicted from an apartment purchased of the former owners. Law enforcement assistance is not provided.

The only solution in this situation is to deprive the former owners of tenure in the court.

After gathering the necessary evidence of illegal actions of the former owners, I have prepared and the claim is directed to Ostankinsky district court of Moscow.

Despite attempts by the defendants to delay the process, civil case No. 2-3227/2014 by D. the claim was reviewed on 28 August 2014, the Ostankino district court of Moscow.

Knowing how to advocate on housing disputes, the interests of the civil plaintiff, I explained to the court that the defendants not only refuse to leave the dwelling not owned by them, but also prevents the owner to use the housing.

According to the results of consideration of the case the court agreed with my arguments and granted the claim in full. Namely:

  • termination of the right of former owners to use the living room.
  • To remove them from the register.
  • The eviction of the defendants from the apartment.
  • To charge them with expenses D. to pay for my services.
  • On recovery other court fees.

When advocating their housing rights, contact the experienced lawyers with the Luggage won cases in this area.

With Respect, counsel on housing issues Vladislav Lyzhin.

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