Lawyer for housing dispute helped to evict the apartment illegally residing in

In the absence of kinship and contractual relations, accommodation in apartment of the owner is illegal. In such cases, the landlord may demand eviction of and removal from the register.

In the spring of 2017, come as the lawyer of Moscow on housing disputes, said the citizen P., who has previously bought an apartment from the citizen D. the client with the citizen on, and his mother sh., was awarded a contract on temporary use of apartment P..

However, it was later revealed that in addition to D. S. and in the apartment and was home to the sister – the citizen.. To the request of the principal to move out of the apartment and removed from the register, she replied with a categorical refusal.

Me – an experienced lawyer on housing Affairs, had a prepared statement about the loss of K. the right to use residential space and eviction from the apartment.

In the proceedings No. 2-3184/2017, as a representative of the plaintiff, I pointed out that the Respondent in a family relationship with the new owner is not a member of any of the transactions enables her to live in the apartment of the principal was not.

Judge my arguments agreed, stated that the rights of P. related to the possession, use, and disposal of the flat, Respondent are violated.

01 June 2017 the judge Khoroshevsky district court of Moscow, in the framework of case No. 2-3184/2017, ruled in favor of my client. Recognized K. lost the right to use housing, and evicted her from the apartment P.. moreover, K. recovered legal costs and expenses of the Trustee for services.

Be careful when entering into transactions on acquisition of apartments. In any dispute, please contact experienced lawyers for housing Affairs. In this field I gained a successful experience in protecting the interests of customers. Contact for advice on housing disputes, my office is located in the center of Moscow.

Sincerely, lawyer Lyzhin Vladislav.

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