Lawyer for family disputes regained the right to communicate with the child

From the divorce of his parents, unfortunately, children suffer more often. The situation when the woman, sickened by her ex-husband, forbids him to communicate with the child, not rare.

Debate about the possibility and time of the visit of the child to the former husband shall be resolved by the court. The court, in the absence of consent, establishes a schedule of visits and communication between father and son(daughter).
In the spring of 2018, to me, as a lawyer in family court, addressed C Mr. Y., whose ex-wife was forbidden to communicate with his son, inventing all sorts of reasons.
With years of experience representation in cases of family disputes, I have prepared the statement of claim about removal of obstacles to trusting in the possibility of the education of his son.
In particular, I have proposed a reasonable schedule of visiting father and son, including during cultural and sporting events. Participation in the celebration of the birth of the child, presence of your son on the birthday of his father. The ability of the principal to take my son with me while leaving in the summer while on vacation outside the Moscow region and Russia.
Taking into account the judicial practice on family disputes, my family law, was charged with the required argument in support of the claim.
In the first place – the need for involvement of the father in the upbringing of his son. That the relevant person has a job, registered at the narcologists and psychiatrists does not consist. For this reason they provided the appropriate reference.
At the hearing, the statement of claim I was justified by reference to articles of the Family Code of the Russian Federation and the facts favourable to the participation of the principal in the education of his son.
The arguments claim convinced the judge the decision was rendered in favor of I..
May 15, 2018, the judge in Zhukovsky, Moscow region, after the proceedings No. 2-428/18, forbade the defendant to prevent the plaintiff to communicate with his son. Set a schedule of communication, mostly relevant claim.
Remember that you have the right to full participation in the education of their child, communion with him, and after a divorce. If you interfere in this, an experienced attorney in family disputes in court to defend your rights.

Sincerely, lawyer Vladislav Mikhailovich Lyzhin

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