Labour lawyer sought to the enterprise more than a million rubles

The delay in salary is a chronic disease of many businesses. Labor relations attorneys are often faced with a situation where after the dismissal he was not in a hurry to repay the debt on a salary.

Meanwhile, in order not to overpay the considerable sums, employers should as quickly as possible to repay debts of this kind. For long delays, under certain circumstances, a crime leader.

With regard to the property liability, the amount of the payoff increases with each day of delay. Article 236-Oh Labor Code provides for recovery from the employer in favor of the employee monetary compensation for the delay in payment.

She is one hundred fiftieth of the current rate of refinancing. Today it is 0.06% of the outstanding amount for each day. Example: the debt on a salary in 100 thousand in 100 days will increase to 106 thousand rubles.

In addition, the employer will be charged the non-pecuniary damage. It is obvious that the delay in salary brings people a lot of suffering. To compensate for the employer is also required. Experienced labour lawyer will justify this part of the claim.

In the second half of 2012 for me - the lawyer on labour disputes, said the citizen T.. Company - OOO "Garantstroy" on which he worked, not paid debts for wages, and after the dismissal of the principal.

Me - the lawyer on labour issues, was prepared the claim about collecting with "Garantstroy" in favor of the principal debt on a salary and compensation related to the salary delay. Attached documents justifying the amount of the payments due from the defendant, and the amount of compensation for moral damage.

May 22, 2013, by the decision of the Zamoskvoretsky district court, case No. 2-2194/2013 OOO "Garantstroy" recovered:

  • wage arrears in full.
  • compensation for unused vacation.
  • payment of overdue salaries.
  • compensation for moral harm.
  • the costs of the representative - the lawyer on labour disputes.

All, according to the court, unfair employer in favor of my client recovered more than a million rubles.

As can be seen from the case T, to recover the arrears of wages through the court. A good labour lawyer will charge a considerable amount of compensation.

Sincerely, lawyer Vladislav Mikhailovich.

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