Attorney land and inheritance disputes defended from unfounded claims to land

A significant increase in land prices, after the expansion of Moscow, has resulted in a surge of civil cases on land disputes. Some people, many years not claiming the land of relatives, began to challenge them, using any pretext.

In such disputes to protect their right to land is not easy. To defend the legal rights to the land need expensive lawyers specializing in this field – lawyers in land disputes.

In the summer of 2016 to me, as a famous lawyer on land issues, legal assistance to a citizen E.. Distant relatives of the principal intends to seize his portion of land.

The land went to the principal about twenty years ago, in the order of succession under the will. The Trustee was the sole owner, and for many years none of the relatives do not dispute.

Only recently, distant relatives of E. began to achieve recognition of their right of ownership on the part of the land. The claim with these requirements, relatives of the Trustee sent to the Zyuzinsky district court of Moscow.

Process in civil case No. 02-135/2017, where I was a representative of the defendant, lasted almost six months. The plaintiff and his representative have repeatedly specified claim requirements, asked for various documents and hereditary cases. As for the land plot and the building located on it.

I have a rich experience of mission on land disputes arising from inheritance cases. For all the arguments of the plaintiff during the trial I was given a convincing objection. As a successful lawyer for land disputes, I am well aware of the arguments in these cases is most important for judges.

On 10 January 2017, the Zyuzinsky district court, agreeing with my objections, in satisfaction of the claim about recognition of the right to a share of the land, defining its borders, was denied.

The court of appeal left the decision in force.

Often ambiguities that give rise to land and inheritance disputes are complex long history. Without a specialist lawyer on land and inheritance disputes, they just do not understand.

Especially in those cases where your opponents have used the services of a lawyer. In such a situation, and you definitely need to take the help of a professional – a lawyer for land matters.

Sincerely, lawyer Vladislav Lyzhin.

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