At the end of 2015 to me, as a lawyer, specializing in criminal cases, as this topic is close to me as a former investigator, was contacted by a citizen of "P" and said that in relation to it has criminal case in court of the Moscow region, accused him of committing a crime under article 116 of the criminal code.

I agreed to provide qualified legal assistance to the citizen "R".

In the course of the criminal proceedings in court, on my request, the examination was conducted and questioned the witnesses and presented to the court witnesses.

Of all the prosecution evidence was not a single a credible and convincing to the crime my client. The testimony of the prosecution witnesses were obviously biased.

According to the findings of the expert's report, answering questions raised by me and named in the judgment, the expert concluded that the anatomical area of effect is available for the application of these damage the victim's own hand.

In accordance with part 3 of article 49 of the Constitution the doubt shall be interpreted in favor of the accused.

From sense of article 297 UPK of the Russian Federation follows that the sentence can only be based on credible evidence of the defendant's guilt.
Based on the above, and in connection with absence of event of a crime the court January 20, 2016 to acquit a citizen of "P".

After the verdict was filed in accordance with article 135 UPK of the Russian Federation for reimbursement of funds spent on a defender.

I want to say to the readers of this article that if you are accused of committing a crime, it is not necessary to rely only on their own strength to protect themselves in court, you must immediately contact a criminal lawyer as only a lawyer can provide qualified legal assistance.

Regards, criminal lawyer Lyzhin Vladislav Mikhailovich.

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