A lawyer in arbitration cases ordered a large debt under the supply agreement

The supply agreement is one of the most common transactions concluded in the course of business. Under this contract one party agrees to deliver the goods within a certain period, and the other in a timely manner to pay for it. Unilaterally from fulfillment of the contractual obligations to refuse.

In the fall of 2017, to me, as an experienced counsel in arbitration cases, located in the center of Moscow, appealed for legal aid, the management of OOO "Proizvodstvennaya Kompaniya Elektro".

The principal explained that their company is 26 April 2017 signed a contract for the supply of goods with OOO "NOVOSTROY-INVEST". Their obligations of LLC "Production Company" Elektro carried out by putting the goods in the amount of 8 108 465, 68 rubles on the date agreed upon in the annexes to the agreement.

The buyers fulfilled their obligations only partially, payment for goods 1 150 thousand rubles. Further transfers to the account of the Trustee - LLC "Production Company" Elektro is not produced.

In LLC "NOVOSTROY-INVEST" has directed the claim about the necessity of repayment of debt on the contract. But she was ignored, and no response to the claim, the Trustee has not received.

Having a successful experience as counsel in arbitration cases, resolution of such disputes, I have prepared on behalf of the Trustee statement of claim in Arbitration court about collecting of debts under the supply agreement. In it, with reference to the norms of the civil law, was justified by the legitimacy of the plaintiff.

Was attached to the claim with all necessary documents confirming the fact of the contract, the performance in full by the plaintiff. In particular, the invoice showing the supply of goods for the specified sum, the act of reconciliation of mutual settlements, the calculation of the amount of debt - 6 958 465,68 rubles.

The judge of the Arbitration court of Moscow found my arguments convincing, the statement of claim is satisfied in full.

24 November 2017, having considered the case № A40-167885/2017-104-1324 she recovered from OOO "NOVOSTROY-INVEST" in favor of LLC "Production Company"Elektro:

  • Debt under the supply agreement - 6 958 465,68 rubles.
  • For the use of borrowed money interest – 20 589,43 rubles.
  • Legal costs – 57 895 rubles.

Any business activity carries risks of financial loss. To avoid them, to pay damages, use the services of experienced attorneys in civil cases.

With respect, counsel in arbitration Vladislav Mikhailovich Lyzhin.

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