A lawyer for probate sought a loan issued by the late husband of doveritelnyi

The inheritance includes not only property, but also property rights. In particular, the right to demand repayment of the debts of other persons before the testator.

In the spring of 2018, to me, is a lawyer in probate cases appealed gr-ka as She came into the inheritance after the death of a spouse. Her share of the inheritance amounted to 5/8's.

Doveritelnyi had a receipt that 30.11.2013 of the year her late husband loaned gr-well B. 4 850 000 rbl. with a condition of return to 30.11. 2015.

However, the duty was not returned. C Mr. B. to meet doveritelny and return the money refused.

I was drawn to the statement of claim to recover from B. the amount of debt in proportion to the hereditary share of K, namely 3 940 625 rubles., and the interest on borrowed funds and payment of my services.

The representative of the defendant B., a claim not recognized, required to acknowledge receipt null and void due to the lack of complete data for the lender. Claimed that B. was drunk didn't realize what is happening.

At the hearing it turned out that B. had borrowed from the plaintiff's husband, she knew, to whom and how much to lend her husband. The defendant on the account at the narcologist is not, alcohol dependence does not suffer. The fact of writing them receipts not deny it.

The court agreed that the required information about the lender and the borrower in the receipt are available. The law does not require the inclusion in the receipt passport data and other parties.

My arguments about the legality of requirements. the court found persuasive and ruled in her favor.

13 Aug 2018 Shaturskaya city court of Moscow region, after consideration of case no 02-923/2018, the claim of K. met. Recover from B. the amount of debt in the amount of 3 940 625 rubles., interest on borrowed money – 250 000 RUB., payment of the services – 75 000 RUB.

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