A lawyer for consumer protection ordered the dealer a significant amount

The law on protection of consumer rights provides citizens with opportunities to restore violated rights and to compensate for losses from wrongful acts of the sellers, including auto dealers.

If a positive decision, the court, other than penalty charges from the seller to the buyer a penalty of half of the awarded amount.

13 September 2017, my doveritelnyi I., was a contract of sale with the company "Genser service Ю7". Under this contract the seller was to transfer the property I. car brand VOLKSWAGEN Tiguan, valued 1730700 rubles, and the buyer to accept and pay for it.

Under the terms of the contract the vehicle was to be delivered within 21 days after the full payment of the purchase price. I. your obligations to pay for goods completed in full 02 Oct 2017. However, the car she was given only 15 December 2017, but only after I directly appealed to the leadership of the representative office of Volkswagen Group Rus.

Claim on payment of the penalty for violation of terms of performance of the obligation on transfer of the car, OOO "Genser service Ю7" ignored.

With the successful experience in similar cases, I, as the lawyer to protect the rights of consumers have prepared the statement of claim in the interests of both. the Claim contained requirements about collecting from the Respondent of a penalty and the penalty in favor of doveritelnyi.

In the course of the hearing I was convincingly supported the claim, including references to norms of the civil law and the Law on consumer protection.

In General with my arguments the judge agreed and ruled in favor.. 02 Mar 2018 Cheremushkinsky district court of Moscow examined the case No. 2-1438/18, recovered from OOO "Genser service Ю7" in favor I.:

  • The penalty of 60 thousand roubles.
  • A fine of 30 thousand rubles.
  • My service charge is 20 thousand rubles.

Thanks to competently built protection of the interests of doveritelnyi, the defendant, in its favor, recovered a significant sum – 110 thousand rubles.

When buying a car, be careful in choosing the dealer. In particular, the Genser group, which includes "Genser service Ю7", now virtually bankrupt. The company's debt to banks over 12 billion. In this connection a number of credit organizations intends to file claims for bankruptcy structures of the dealer, including OOO "Genser service Ю7".

In case of any infringement on the part of dealers, please contact the lawyers to protect the rights of consumers, knowing the specifics of these cases, and have successful experience in dispute resolution in this area.

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