Housing cases with repeated transfer of ownership, a large number of stakeholders, some of the most complex in civil proceedings.
In such cases, legal assistance of an experienced lawyer for housing disputes is extremely important.

Documents in civil proceedings have probative value only under condition of their appropriate registration.

Missed period of limitation claim, in the absence of a valid reason – unconditional basis, if the allegation by the defendant in denial of the claims.

The owner has the right at any time to terminate the contract of uncompensated use of housing, warning in a month the other side of the transaction.

If the participants in the share ownership have not agreed to cost share an apartment, their dispute shall be resolved in court.

My doveritelnyi B. had owned a half share of the apartment. The second half of the apartment was owned by C-S. it is not actually lived in the apartment expenses are not carried. Apartment historically belonged to the family of doveritelnyi.

The deadlines for the construction of apartment buildings violated often. However, not everyone knows that regardless of the reasons of violation of terms, all overdue days has a penalty. Along with this, kompensiruet moral harm, the penalty is imposed if the penalty is not paid voluntarily.

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