A significant increase in land prices, after the expansion of Moscow, has resulted in a surge of civil cases on land disputes. Some people, many years not claiming the land of relatives, began to challenge them, using any pretext.

Evicted from apartments of the people living in it in violation of the housing legislation, but was always difficult. Lawyers for housing know how difficult it is to achieve this. Especially when deportees do not have another residence.

The citizen "P", had a disagreement with a former member of the family to pay utility bills in a Council flat, where he and his ex-wife was. (Ex-wife refused to pay utility bills).

Close relationship, in the absence of a family relationship does not give rights to tenure of the owner. On 31-Oh to article of the housing code of the family members of the owner of the dwelling close relatives will only be in the case of a joint residence. The lack of right of abode will result in cancellation of registration.

Questions and disputes connected with real estate very often arise from citizens, as the availability of accommodation for man is the main goal in my life, if housing is not obtained as a gift or by inheritance.

To invalidate duly executed the deed of gift only for good, proven reasons.

In the fall of 2015 for me - counsel on civil cases for legal aid, addressed the citizens R.. their ownership had half of the house, received as a gift from a relative. The gift agreement fully met the requirements of the law to form and content. Was registered in Rosreestra.

Many real estate investors of real estate are faced with situations where a third-party reasons, are unable to properly execute the right of ownership. This may prevent, for example, no act of implementation of the investment contract.
In such a situation to defend their rights is possible only in a judicial order, using the services of an experienced attorney in civil cases.

Violation of the rights of participants of share building of apartment houses phenomenon, alas, common. Failure by developers the commitment being made is massive.

In the absence of kinship and contractual relations, accommodation in apartment of the owner is illegal. In such cases, the landlord may demand eviction of and removal from the register.

If the transaction provides for mandatory notarization, it is not this requirement makes it void. According to the law, for the annuity contract in notarial form and registration required. In this preliminary agreement should be in the same form as that of the primary.

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