At the end of 2016, I was approached by a citizen "P" for advice, as the decision in the civil case 2-3413/16 Solntsevsky district court of Moscow where she had collected a large sum of money for compensation for moral damage allegedly caused to the neighbor.

After reviewing the court's decision, I was advised to go to the court of appeals and to appeal the decision, because it is not based on law. Citizen P was asked to provide this legal service, as it is, referring to the court of first instance, defending their rights without a lawyer or a lawyer in connection with this, and lost the case.

There are cases when citizens sell their property by payment in installments. It is not always in writing a contract of sale and the conditions of its implementation.
In such cases, to recover the debt is not easy. Only an experienced civil rights attorney can provide effective assistance in such a difficult situation.

Many use modern Internet technologies for money transfer. Sberbank online, mobile Bank is a convenient application for immediate money transfer from one card to another.

But what if the money on the card erroneously transferred not to those who they were intended? As you know, the Bank of such operations does not change, no refunds.

Cases of fraud in transactions, unfortunately, not uncommon. And not always in similar situations law enforcement bodies to effectively protect the interests affected by unfair acts of other citizens.

Often the police refuse to open a criminal case. Recommend for victims of misconduct to defend their interests in civil proceedings.

The burden of proof of a loan lies with the lender. If the loan agreement no, the transfer of money must be proved in other appropriate documents.

Citizen "T", made a traffic accident and caused the victim harm to health of average weight.

Every car owner knows that the management in a drunken state are deprived of rights. Justice of the peace under part 1 of article 12.8 KoAP of the Russian Federation may be debarred for 2 years. Many believe that arguing with the police, and especially the judges when the breathalyzer showed intoxication, it is useless.

Indeed, to return the rights in such cases, is not easy. Practicing lawyers in administrative cases know how biased the magistrate for an explanation of drivers and how they are critical to the materials of police officers.

The difficulty is that the code,unlike the code, does not contain provisions providing for such a possibility. Namely, reimbursement of costs for legal assistance to the victim.
However, the civil code, there are standards based on which, you can recover from the offender the cost of paying victims attorney.

When leaving the limited liability company member of share ownership may require how the cash equivalent of his share and part in kind. With the technical capabilities to do so.

The supply agreement is one of the most common transactions concluded in the course of business. Under this contract one party agrees to deliver the goods within a certain period, and the other in a timely manner to pay for it. Unilaterally from fulfillment of the contractual obligations to refuse.

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