The husband appealed to the court demanding not to divide the part of property located in Moscow and in Germany, which he rents out as an individual entrepreneur. I represented the interests of the couple and proved that all property acquired jointly in marriage, despite the fact that the wife never worked.

On the objection of counsel Lygina investigator's petition to extend the detention of the citizen of Poland was rejected by the court and the arrest was canceled due to red tape in the case and the ineffective investigation.

In the spring of 2018, I was approached by a citizen to protect him in a criminal case of fraud on part 3 of article 159 of the criminal code. Senior, having considered the materials of the criminal case and collected the evidence, decided to discontinue the prosecution of the case.

In February 2019, I was approached by a citizen Abrosimov Vladimir (name changed in order to respect attorney-client privilege). He was injured in an administrative case, he was beaten by an employee of the Federal bailiff service of Russia in Moscow.

The client was denied the appointment of early retirement on the basis of incorrect calculation of seniority. As a result of work of a lawyer, the court sided with the plaintiff and ordered to appoint a early retirement.

Citizen "To" contact the company "the national Council of legal and judicial protection" to assist in obtaining the dwelling as a soldier.

The above-mentioned organization signed a contract with the citizen "K", according to which for a fee of 300,000 rubles, they will provide assistance in obtaining housing and have prescribed arbitration clause in the contract that all disputes between the parties are resolved not in the court of General jurisdiction and arbitration tribunals.

In recent years, the market of real estate there are various schemes for obtaining buyers with cash without fulfilling their obligations.

So I was approached by the citizen "Z", which entered into a contract of cash loan with LLC "Finance Group", giving the latter more than a million rubles. LLC "Finance Group" promised to loan funds to acquire and convey to the citizen "Z" apartment in Moscow. Also, OOO "Finans of Groups" and the citizen "Z" was a contract, more than one hundred thousand rubles for rendering services on execution of the contract to purchase real estate.

Lately, to conserve funds of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, territorial bodies of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation illegally deny citizens the appointment of preschedule labour pension stipulated by the law.

In 2011, one famous landscape designer, the citizen "sh" asked the citizen "L", with a view to elevate your suburban plot with house.

Designer received from the citizen "L" funds in the sum about one million rubles for the provision of services, and instead wrote a receipt for cash.

Judicial practice moral damages are not is replete with examples satisfy the claims in this part for larger amounts. Rare lawyer in civil disputes has to its credit won cases for compensation for moral damages in the hundreds of thousands of rubles.

A few years ago to me, a civil rights attorney, for legal assistance to citizen Kh.

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