Insurance disputes

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Everyone who has though any property can always insure it in specially established organizations. Insurance companies live by customers who insure their property against various accidents.

Insurance, of course, do not want to pay the money in case of incidents with the insured property, especially when this all happened under questionable circumstances. After all, what are people not only to make money, or trying to get paid, though under the current contract is not an insurance case.

Pre-trial settlement of insurance disputes

When occur the above-described circumstances requires a specialist – a lawyer for insurance disputes, in order to understand all the intricacies of the case, the specifics of the contract and propranolo action by the insurance company.

We provide all types of protection and assistance for resolution of insurance disputes

Our team consists of experts:

  • Having a law degree
  • Experience at least 5 years in insurance disputes
  • Huge practice on insurance matters
  • More than 20 different commendations and more than 100 reviews from people who have already become our clients

Our team is a constantly evolving collective that goes by and participate:

  • In the refresher courses
  • Visit forums related to insurance and other disputes
  • And daily increase of experience studying legal information

Pre-trial settlement of insurance disputes

It is not always necessary to go to court to resolve the insurance issue. Sometimes you can resolve the dispute through negotiation in the pretrial order. And surprisingly, quite often the insurance is ready to negotiate without the involvement of the court in this process, because the insurance company's expenses, which are not always economically beneficial for the insurance company.
We are ready to help and resolve the issue without a trial. Our experience and customer feedback, which we helped allow us to give guarantee to resolve your insurance issue. Of course, an absolute guarantee to give we can't, after all, is the human factor and other aspects of insurance disputes that are impossible to predict.

The cost of a lawyer for insurance disputes

Oral conversation over the phone, or online consultation onlinefree
Oral advicefrom not less than 2 000 rubles.
Written consultationfrom not less than 4 000.
Consultation visitingfrom at least 6 000.
Drafting a statement of claim or an objection to the petitionfrom not less than 7 000 rubles.
Preparation of appeal, cassation or Supervisory appealfrom not less than 14 000.
Preparation of objections on appeal, cassation or Supervisory appealfrom at least 12 000 rubles.
Attorney's requestsfrom not less than 3 000 rubles.
Drafting of contracts and agreementsfrom not less than 5 000 RUB.
Drafting of statutes, regulations and other complex documentsfrom not less than 9 000.
Simple petitions, applications, complaints, and other simple documentsfrom not less than 2 500.
One-time representation in court first or appellate instancefrom at least 12 000 rubles.
One-time representation in the court of the cassation or Supervisory instancefrom not less than 14 000.
A single turnout in the state and other organizationsfrom 10 000 RUB.
A one-time transaction supportfrom 10 000 RUB.
Filing of applications, complaints, objections to the complaint in court.from not less than 5 000 RUB.
Presentation of request, letter or other documentfrom not less than 3 000 RUB.
Mailfrom not less than 1 000 RUB.
Representation of the plaintiff in the court of first instance or appellate courtfrom not less than 25 000 rubles.
Representation of defendant in the court of first instance or appellate courtfrom not less than 20 000 RUB.
Representation of plaintiff or defendant in the court of cassation or Supervisory instancefrom not less than 20 000 RUB.
Transaction supportfrom at least 15 000.
Personal lawyerfrom at least 15 000.
Other legal assistance the day of employmentfrom at least 8 000.

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Operating procedure

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  2. We meet or remotely conclude an agreement with an action plan.
  3. The lawyer is engaged in the work on your case: makes claims, petitions, preparing a lawsuit collects evidence in the case, represents you in court.
  4. We control the execution of court decisions.


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