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If You are a business owner, you probably have certain risks, including financial. It is the inability to negotiate with contractors and has led the parties to court. Arbitration lawyer and the court to adjudicate disputes in the business and economic activities.

If Your customers, colleagues, counterparties owed for goods, services or money and refuse to pay the bills, Your move is the search arbitration lawyer. No matter how long You are in business, without the help of professionals can not do. The lawyer will help you save not only time but also money that can be lost by working alone. If You are unfamiliar with the nuances, it is better to consult specialists.

Arbitration lawyer will not only defend reputation, but:

  • to recognize the right to property (goods);
  • to bring to administrative responsibility of the contractor\client;
  • to recover debts;
  • to challenge transactions\the decision of the court;
  • to carry out the procedure of bankruptcy\liquidation;
  • to impose a fine on the company;
  • to hold the agreements invalid.

No matter what type of organization You have (IP, LLC, JSC), it is possible to always seek qualified counsel.

In our company You can count on the following features arbitration lawyer:

  • initial consultation, free of charge (at neutral site or at our office). Oral or in writing, on company letterhead;
  • drafting a claim to court. Competent care with reference to appropriate documents;
  • negotiations with the counterparty. Direct claims, proposals, notifications on behalf of Your company if the power of attorney on our arbitration lawyer;
  • working with motions. Contractors often appeal against a court decision, so the task of lawyers to read the case and to make a reciprocal motion;
  • participation in court proceedings power of attorney lawyer in arbitration on behalf of Your company.

The lawyer delves into economic and financial activities of Your company, to write documents and to defend the rights in court. He studies the counterparty to assess business prospects and value. Specialist makes a request to state authorities to obtain reliable information.

The cost of services arbitration lawyer

Oral conversation over the phone, or online consultation onlinefree
Oral advicefrom not less than 2 500.
Written consultationfrom not less than 5 000 RUB.
Consultation visitingfrom at least 8 000.
The statement of claimfrom at least 12 000 rubles.
Appeal, cassation or Supervisory appealfrom at least 15 000.
The objection at the appellate, cassation or Supervisory appealfrom not less than 14 000.
Contracts and agreementsfrom at least 8 000.
Statutes, regulations and other complex documentsfrom at least 8 000.
Simple petitions, applications, complaints, and other simple documentsfrom not less than 4 000.
One-time representation in the court of first instancefrom at least 15 000.
One-time representation in the court of appeal, cassation or Supervisory instancefrom not less than 18 000 rubles.
A single turnout in the state and other organizationsfrom 10 000 RUB.
A one-time transaction supportfrom at least 11 000 RUB.
Filing of applications, complaints, objections to the complaint in courtfrom at least 6 000.
Presentation of request, letter or other documentfrom not less than 3 000 rubles.
Mailfrom not less than 1 000 RUB.
Representation of the plaintiff in the court of first instance or appellate courtfrom not less than 40 000 rubles.
Representation of defendant in the court of first instance or appellate courtfrom not less than 30 000 RUB.
Filing of applications, complaints, objections to the complaint in court.from not less than 25 000 rubles.
Personal lawyer (a subscription service in one month)from not less than 25 000 rubles.
Other legal assistance the day of employmentfrom 10 000 RUB.

Full price list in arbitration cases

Our company offers You to trust the professionals and ask for qualified help to our arbitration lawyers.

Operating procedure

  1. Tell us about your problem. We will call you back, give a free consultation and discuss the details. Tell about the problem
  2. We meet or remotely conclude an agreement with an action plan.
  3. The lawyer is engaged in the work on your case: makes claims, petitions, preparing a lawsuit collects evidence in the case, represents you in court.
  4. We control the execution of court decisions.


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