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Assistance of counsel in administrative cases is one of the most common services in the field of jurisprudence. After all, cases in which a person has to pay the strange fines and penalties, a huge amount. They happen for different reasons, someone is incompetent employee agencies, such as the Bank, which incorrectly implemented the closure of the credit card, resulting in the accrual of penalties for the use of money of the Bank. Although one thinks that this card has long been closed and completely forgot about it. And then he receives a summons to court, where he voiced the amount of the debt. A situation when from the accounts of people write off the money in payment of debts to the government even more. But not every case is legitimate and in most of them it is possible to defend your rights and get the money back.

Also counsel on administrative disputes in Moscow will help if you have right away, though it was not presented enough evidence, such a decision can be challenged.

We are working in the field of administrative offenses for almost 20 years and we know what pitfalls can come across when applying to the court on such matters. Our company is a team of chartered engineers that have experience of minimum 5 years in the field of jurisprudence, the part of us lawyers who will represent your interests in court.

To services of counsel in administrative cases includes:

  • violations in business activities;
  • violation of consumer rights;
  • the elucidation of the guilt of the drivers in case of accident;
  • the return of driver's license, etc.

If you have any need for the services of a lawyer in administrative cases, we are ready to offer their years of experience and developed over long years of perseverance and focus on results.

On the website you can see the practice in administrative cases. Read reviews and see the gratitude of people and companies who have used our services. For us it is one of the most important motivations activities in administrative disputes, because it is our status, which is very important.

The cost of a lawyer for administrative law

Oral conversation over the phone, or online consultation onlinefree
Oral advice2 000 RUB.
Written consultationfrom not less than 5 000 RUB.
Consultation visitingfrom at least 6 000.
Appellate or Supervisory reviewfrom not less than 2 000 rubles.
Attorney's requestsfrom not less than 4 000.
Explanations, petitions, applications, complaints, and other simple documentsfrom not less than 4 000.
One-time representation in court first or appellate instancefrom 10 000 RUB.
A single turnout in the state, including the traffic police, and other organizationsfrom at least 8 000.
Filing of appeal or extraordinary appeal in the court.from not less than 4 000.
Presentation of request, letter or other documentfrom not less than 3 000 rubles.
Mailfrom not less than 1 000 RUB.
Representation in the court of first instance or appellate court under articles 12.9 (speeding), 12.10 (relocation of railway crossing), 12.15 (leaving on a counter strip)from not less than 25 000 rubles.
Representation in the court of first instance or appellate court under articles 12.24 (causing harm), 12.27 (leaving RTA)from not less than 30 000 RUB.
Representation in the court of first instance or appellate court under articles 12.8 (control intoxicated), 12.26 (the refusal)from at least 35 000 RUB.
Representation in the court of first instance or appellate court for other offencesfrom not less than 25 000 rubles.
Subscription service per monthfrom at least 15 000.
Other legal assistance the day of employmentfrom at least 8 000.

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Operating procedure

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  4. We control the execution of court decisions.


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